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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 23, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the breaking news. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and prime time in all of cable news. >> "the o'reilly factor" from los angeles is on. tonight: >> the price of oil has been going up globally. that tells that you there are factors that are not entirely within our control. >> bill: president obama now getting severe heat over the rising gas prices. and the factor is right in the middle of this debate. we will have the latest. father of lies, has his sights on a good, decent, powerful, influential country, the united states of america. >> rick santorum once again under fire for injecting his theology into the campaign. we'll hear both sides of this story. >> you don't know who is running as a republic? rick santorum. >> never even heard of him. >> mitt romney. >> never even heard of him.
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>> ron paul. >> yeah. yeah! >> ron paul? >> yeah. >> jesse watters taking it to the beaches of southern california to get some political perspective. >> rick santorum, are you a fan of his. >> i don't even know who he is. >> also tonight, dennis miller on high gas prices. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone from l.a. u the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. reporting tonight from los angeles. thanks for watching us. oil prices reach critical mass with president obama now getting hurt. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. we begin covering the skyrocketing oil prices last friday with lou dobbs. he was candid. saying because of the mild winter, there is plenty of oil and gas in the u.s.a. so supply and demand here should dictate lower prices.
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but, of course, they are not lower. they are much higher. because the oil companies are shipping their products overseas. measured in dollars, oil products are now america's largest export worth 88 billion a year to the oil companies. a decade ago, oil experts were not even among the top 25 exports. most of the oil stayed here. and with working americans getting hammered by stagnant wages and huge unemployment, this is yet another punishing situation for the folks. tomorrow president obama will speak about gas prices. he is likely to have no solutions. listen to his spokesman jay carney today. >> oil and gas production in this country has been increasing. even as it has been increasing, the price of oil has been going up globally. that tells you that there are factors that are not entirely within our control. >> bill: however, if the obama administration wanted to, it could ask congress to raise export taxes on the oil companies to encourage them to
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sell their products here. think about it. the oil companies are regulated by the federal government. they can't drill on land nor american waters without permission from the feds. many republicans want to drill baby drill but what's the point if all the oil goes to china? increased production obviously doesn't mean lower prices for us. so the feds could exert some control if they wanted to. but they don't. why? well, republicans generally don't want to inhibit the oil industry. and democrats generally want high gas prices so folks switch to other modes of transportation and embrace alternative energy. this is part of the global warming deal. but, again, who gets hurt by all of the politics? you do? the cartels overseas and the oil companies here set the prices based upon what they can get anywhere in the world. right now we can expect oil prices to continue to go higher until the oil companies believe they are going to be held accountable. then they will back off just a
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bit. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. another view. joining us from washington, charles drivna president of the american oil and chemical manufacturers. i'm a simple man and have simple questions, all right? i want you to answer them directly. going to walk right through this whole deal. warm winter, correct? everybody -- we're having a warm winter in the u.s.a. that means there should be more oil available right now because you didn't sell it because it was warm. correct? >> well, bill, the answer to that question is we have ample supply of fuel here in the united states. refineries are producing every drop that americans need to -- >> bill: stop, stop, stop. you are an honest man and thank you. all right. so we have plenty of supply here and when you have plenty of supply of anything in a capitalistic society, prices don't go up. correct? capitalism, supply and demand, you have the supply, people,
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you know, there is no shortage anywhere so it should remain stable or go down, correct? capitalism? >> well, you are right about capitalism, bill, the assertion that we have somehow as a refining industry. >> bill: no, no, no, no. you are getting ahead of yourself. i'm not blame be anybody for anything. just step-by-step. capitalism, supply and demand. plenty of supply. price shouldn't be going up theoretically, correct? >> the global demand dictates. >> no global, just here. >> bill, you are interpreting the situation here. it is a global economy. we are not living in some sort of vacuum or some sort of cube. >> bill: but here in america, in america, i know it's a global economy. i know the price of oil is set biopeck. i got all of that. in america, right this minute, there is plenty of oil. the price shouldn't be going up if there is plenty of oil. >> bill, the price is set in the global market. 84% of the price of gasoline
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at the pump is dictated by what the cost of crude is in taxes. that is the no spin. that is the reality. >> bill: all right. even though there is plenty of market here for oil, plenty of gas already refined, ready to go in the tankers, in the gas stations, because opec says it's 1.10 or whatever they say you are going to raise prices here no matter if you have the stuff on hand or not. that's what you are telling me, right? >> our acquisition costs will dictate the price at the pump. we don't set the price for gasoline any more than the farmer sets the price for a bushel of corn or cattle men sets the price for a pound of beef. >> this time last year the oil was down but not a lot. in 2011 american families paid $840 more for gasoline than they did in the previous year which resulted in $92 billion less money going into your faltering economy, all right? you got that right?
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got more money going into the gas companies, more money going into the gas tank home heating and less money going into the overall economy. that's why it's so bad. the oil cartels and the american oil companies are contributing to the bad economy. am i correct? >> no, bill, you are not. you are wrong. >> bill: i'm not? i'm wrong again? >> i respectfully disagree. as late as december of 2011, american refineries were losing money on every gallon of gasoline that we produced. what saved the american refinery and the american refinery worker and the regions where they work were our ability to export some product. >> bill: if that's true, why is exxon mobil making record profits each quarter? if the american refineries are losing money as you said, why is exxon mobil making record profits each quarter? >> whether it's exxon mobil. >> bill: no, no, no. just answer that question. exxon mobil. why are they making record
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profits if what you say is true, refineries are losing money. why? >> refineries are losing money on gasoline. we were able to export other products to keep those refineries running to keep americans working. >> bill: i don't understand. this i'm going to ask you again. exxon mobil, record profits each quarter, you say oil refineries are losing money. it doesn't add up to me. >> well, because you separate the up stream from the downstream. >> bill: upstream, downstream. >> right. actually we take the crude. bill, we have in this country, we have 60 refinery companies operating 144 refineries, each one of those refineries has to get crude acquisition on the open market. whatever the price is. we pay. >> maybe they should make a better deal with exxon mobil then. okay. now, lou dobbs. you know lowe? he is not some crazy hippy. here is what he said friday about why american oil prices are going up. go.
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>> primarily, jet fuels, diesel and gasoline, which normally would be in abundance right now is being shipped overseas. we are now part of a world market. like it or not, and the fact of the matter is we are competing with demand in china, in europe, and primarily in latin american. >> so dobbs saying that you are taking the american oil and fuel that's refined here. you are not making as much money in u.s.a. as you could in china so you are just whipping it out and throwing it over to china. >> again. wrong again. sorry to disagree. >> lou dobbs is wrong? >> yes he is because we are exporting jet fuel and exporting diesel which is a good thing for the american economy. a trade balance, et cetera. people keeping people working. there is no shortage of fuel in the united states. there is no lack of supply. >> that's why i'm doing this. >> okay. let's paint the picture.
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>> bill: i have got to keep it contained here. you said it. you just said it there is ample supply but the folks are getting strangled because it's now about 5 bucks a gallon, going to 6. have you got to understand that mr. drevna whatever the oil companies are doing upstream downstream out of the house it's hurting the folks. >> yes. one thing we can agree on it is hurting the american consumer. and that's unacceptable. >> bill: i hope you can work it out. the reason you can't say we should have export so we should down more refineries so the price would rise again in the united states. >> bill: i can't get into your industry to the respect you are. many. >> thanks for having me. >> bill: next run down high gas prices hurting president obama? dick morris has thoughts on that. rick santorum's religion becoming a huge issue for the senator. we will take a look at that situation upcoming.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, pal dick morris in florida this evening for his analysis of the gas pricing situation. as we said president obama now to miami maybe you can have tea with him tomorrow afternoon. just drive south a little bit. is he going to address high oil prices from.
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what carney is saying. >> actually, tea party for obama. i lold love to have a tea party for obama. >> bill: he doesn't have anything. does he have anything? >> right. >> bill: not willing to do much about it. >> what he he will say is that the united states is producing a record amount of oil, which is true. but that's not, despite his objections, it's the offshore drilling permits that bush issued and also the fracking that he he has no control over, the horizontal drilling on state and private lands. but politically, this is a deadly issue for obama. and i believe it's very possible that the entire election of 2012 will be played out over the next few months, what with oil price increase are possible israeli attack on iran. the american response to it, closing the straits of hormuz and the american response to that. now, it's always possible that a president rises to the occasion and really shows himself to be a strong leader.
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in which case obama could actually win re-election over this. but most likely what's going to happen is that first he will be pillaried for the high gas prices. he won't drill in alaska. he vetoed the keystone pipeline and isn't approving any offshore drilling permits. when the israeli thing erupts he will probably not side with israel. he will probably be weak and arab diplomacy. >> bill: let's get back to the oil. if he -- if the republic argument is going to be that won't drill in anwr and you stop the keystone and all of that. he can shred that argument and obama will shred it and basically say listen, you pinheads, we are producing more oil than we have ever produced in this many years. and it doesn't matter how much we produce because lou dobbs, bill o'reilly and mr. dervna say what we produce here is being sent to china because
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there are more profits being made over there. you can shed that argument. it's not about drilling or anything other than the oil companies deciding where to sell their product. that's what it is about. >> first of all, it's actually not. you and i have had had that discussion in 2008 when the same issue was in play. it's the futures market. and the oil future market is scared to death that there will be a dramatic fall off in supply both because of the threat of war and because of the sanctions against the iranian central bank that stopped the europeans have buying it. >> bill: i was talking to a commodities guy today. the commodities market and future market give the oil companies cover to raise the price. because guys like you will go out and say that but right now in america, plenty of oil. the price shouldn't be going up. but the oil companies are using this phantom threat from iran, may or may not happen to raise their prices on the folks. and the folks are starting to get it and president obama is
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sitting there going i don't know what to do. it's like the bp oil spill. sat there, didn't know what to do answered he looked weak. the same thing -- that's where i agree with you. the president is going to look weak on this issue. people are getting tired of these excuses. they are getting hurt. they don't have the extra money. and the economy you think this is going to help the u.s. economy? this is diverting $100 billion from it. >> this is a deadly issue for obama. both because of the increase in gas prices because he has made this his issue by vetoing keystone and by alaska. he has made it his issue. when the price just like in 2008, he almost lost the lead to mccain because he was supposed to offshore drilling and prices were rising. this is not something that can be diffused in a one-hour speech. this is something that's going to go on for six months as the summer approaches, it will be
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even higher. you can have $8 gas, bill. >> he is done. if it goes over 5, is he in jeopardy. >> i just read about an l.a. station where it's 5. out here because they have all the state tax built in out here, it's crazy land. but, look, the bottom line on this situation is there is a lot of things going on here that people don't understand. i will admit i don't understand the whole thing either, okay? however, people are getting hurt every day. and whens get hurt every day they get angry. when they are looking around for somebody to solve the problem there isn't anybody. we would like to you vote in our bill o' poll. who would you like to see nominated for vice president on the republic side. sarah palin, marco rubio, chris christie or paul ryan. give you the results on friday. rick santorum's religion an issue. we will take a look at that. jesse watters combing the
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beaches of los angeles for political commentary. >> do you watch fox news at all. >> of course. >> what's your favorite show. >> oh, my god. i don't know. >> no. >> i would have to say the simpsons. [ laughter ] >> coming right back with homer.
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>> factor follow up segment tonight as i'm sure you know rick santorum's religion driving his take on some political issues, things like contraception, abortion, even president obama's own christianity. the question will this hurt the senator if he does get the republic nomination? joining us now from dallas, pastor robert jeffers, author of the book "twilights last gleaming" how america's last days can be your best day.
5:23 am
father roman beck. priest. i got my answers today at the good shepard church of beverly hills. >> i'm glad to hear that, bill. >> the makeup covers that from dust i am. from dust i will return. i know it sometimes this broadcast turns into dust but not tonight. all right? >> okay. >> now santorum's take on religion, is that going to hurt him if he gets the nomination? >> i would say it is going to hurt him, bill, because most people are more in the middle. if you look at santorum, i think is he going to need to carry women. he is going to need to carry catholics. i think his distances may be problematic with both. polling is already showing is he having trouble with women. i think as regards his religion he would be considered more evangelical catholic to the right of most catholics. >> bill: isn't he an honest man? isn't he honest and shouldn't that be respected by the electorate because is he basically laying it out there. this is what i believe and this is why i believe it, father. i mean, aren't we supposed to respect that.
5:24 am
>> you can respect honestly but you don't have to agree with the position of the honest personal. you cannot agree with where he is on certain issues. unlike when president kennedy was elected in 186 o he got 80% of the catholic vote. weighs very clear that his election was very separate how he would govern. >> he stayed away from the catholicism big time different age now. >> exactly. >> bill: sty differently. this exposition by santorum as a strength for him? >> i certainly do bill. i don't agree with santorum on every social issue like his view of contraception but i admire a candidate who is willing to stand on principle instead of being driven by pragmatism and by polls and i think a lot of voters feel that way who may not agree with him on everything. look, bill, in the 2008 election, 30 million evangelical christians sat at home and didn't vote because they weren't energized by john mccain, barack obama won by 10 million votes. i do think you can win the
5:25 am
republic nomination without evangelical christians. you cannot win the general election without them. and i think a man like santorum does inspire people who may not agree with him on every issue. >> bill: here is the problem. in 2008 we will play the sound bite later on. he criticized protestant religions as not being a bowl worth against satan. talking about catholic organization. protestants are watered down here. is he a very judgmental guy, santorum is i don't know if evangelicals are going, to you know, they might be skeptical of him, too. >> well, i believe, for example, this whole deal about his view on satan, i mean is he not out on the stump giving policy speeches about satan. this was dredged up and given to drunk from the speeches you said he gave to a catholic university. the fact is he is in the mainstream of what millions of christians believe. the bible does teach the reality of satan. is he not some nut job out there on the fringe. he is articulating what
5:26 am
millions of americans believe. >> bill: there is no doubt about it you cannot say he in the mainstream with regard to what he says about satan. >> bill: i told you guys i don't want to debate theology here. >> if they will vote for him or not. >> bill: father, father, father. here is the electorate. the pastor is right when he says if santorum can get ahold of evangelical christians and some catholics and meld this populace movement. he might be able to overcome the secular behavior about imh they are going to define rick santorum as a crazy holler roller, elmer began tri kind of guy. we know they are going to do that. the "new york times" has already started that. in your opinion. this is what i thought you said was interesting, father. you don't think catholics are going to go big time for santorum? >> i don't. catholics vote in a very moderate way. you can't always predict how catholics will vote. they don't like extreme i.s,
5:27 am
they like more moderate. center of the road people. santorum is to the right of most catholics. he is what you call evangelical catholic. it scares not only catholics. his extremism care scares a lot of other people as well. >> bill: gentlemen, we appreciate the conversation. thanks very much. we have more on mr. santorum's controversial remarks. play them for with you juliette huddy later. coming up next, going to the beaches get some political commentary. dennis miller on high gas prices. miller will also have some final thoughts on whitney houston's funeral. we hope you stay tuned to those reports as the factor continues from los angeles. we'll be back in a moment.
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>> bill: watters world segment tonight, we asked jesse to go down to venice beach north of the l.a. airport where there are lots of dudes and dude deaths, but dudeeths. they can vote, too.
5:31 am
>> who are you supporting for president. >> that's a loaded question. >> romney. >> romney? >> a lot of his views i believe in. >> i imagine i will vote as obama. but not as confident as i was last time. >> make it sound complicated. >> who are you supporting in the presidential election. >> obama. >> not obama. >> obama. >> why? >> why not? >> barack obama. i voted for him last election. >> you know you can change your vote. >> how do you know. >> i have to go with obama again. >> again? >> yeah. did you vote last time. >> no, i didn't. >> this guy is a real zero, that's true? >> i'm tired of old white guys. i want to stick with obama for right now. >> isn't that kind of racist? >> no, not really. >> what about rick santorum. >> is he running for president. that's how much you know about him. i don't even know who is he. >> why are you yelling at me? >> rick santorum? >> never even heard of him. >> how about mitt romney. >> haven't heard of him. >> ron paul. >> yeah. >> there you go.
5:32 am
ron paul. >> there is a revolution going on. >> ron paul, all right. why? >> because i believe he doesn't believe in big government. >> what's obama's economic policy. >> brings new light on people that are in the streets. >> what the hell are you talking about? >> what is obama's economic policy, exactly. >> as far as i can tell keep bailing out people. >> is that a pickle? [ laughter ] >> i understand is he an excellent job of pickles. >> i sincerely hope so. >> what about the national debt? are you concerned about that? >> america is in debt? >> yeah. you didn't know? >> damn. >> we have a lot of things to work out fiscally. >> what is it? >> what is what? >> the debt. >> really horrible. all time low. it's really scary. >> he has gotten us partially out of the debt. >> and deficit. he actually increased the deficit. yeah. >> whew? >> yeah. >> what about this contraceptive controversy. >> i'm not sure why it's such a divisive issue. i felt like condoms should be
5:33 am
given out freely. >> are you worried about iran at all. >> not really. >> we have to talk. we say we are talking about nobody is listening. >> would you have talked to hitler. >> i would have tried at least. >> get going. i have got no more to talk to you about. >> war is war and war is necessary to the economy sometimes. >> war is not necessary. it's bull intleep. >> i'm sorry. i understand it stimulates the economy. it gives people jobs. at the end of the day it's [bleep] ego. >> now, where do you get your information from? where do you get your news from? >> i watch the news, man. >> what channel? >> i watch "saturday night live." >> i'm not sure what happened here. >> i stopped watching the news once i turned like 18. >> i can't share with you. >> why? >> because it's secret. >> double secret probation. >> you watch fox news? >> the only news channel actually that we do watch. >> fox news. >> that's is that right. >> the internet mostly because i'm always online. >> anything you want to sail save to bill o'reilly why you are here. >> hey, bill, what's up. >> do you ever watch bill o'reilly. >> yes. >> do you like the show.
5:34 am
>> as far as you know. >> you are a pretty bright little guy. >> you look like ross from friends. >> i get that okay? i get that big time. >> that's your brother, right there, ross? >> i actually met ross one time. >> he was on the show. >> i took a picture with im. he said you are the first guy that ever asked me to take a picture with him. >> the two ladies, did they duke it out. >> yeah. >> little cat fight afterwards off camera. >> were they friends? >> i think we should give them a show. they were pretty entertaining. >> was there any reason they wore the glasses or do they just think it's attractive. >> i think they thought it was mardi gras or something. they were confused. >> they were going at it about the war thing. the red in the red she is antiwar. the one in the other one she thinks it could be a war. >> right. i think we should give them their own show crossfire thing at 9:00. they were actually pretty intelligent surprisingly. in the beginning i don't think a lot of these people are going to vote. i would say 80% of them won't even show up on election day.
5:35 am
>> interesting to see how many are registered down there. obviously they could vote if they wanted to. explain venice beach to people who don't know what it is. famous part of los angeles where the hippies live and big drug traffic down there. marijuana and this and that. there is always people there just cruising, right? >> the funny thing is you have medical marijuana shops lining the streets and guys in lab coats saying the doctor is in. the doctor is. in pot smoke warping through the air. i got the munches when i got back to the bureau. we were reporting on it's a reuse. that's the center of culture right now in los angeles. we are glad you are out safely. nobody threatened you. they are nice. >> they accommodated me. >> that wafting makes people mellow. >> that's right. >> warm fronts around. dennis miller on high gas prices. and the last word on whitney houston's funeral. and then juliet huddy on backlash against rick santorum for criticizing protestants. for criticizing protestants. those [ male announcer ] lately, there's been a seismic shift
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>> bill: all right. thanks for staying with us, i'm bill owe rilefully in the memoir segment tonight. we are lucky to have the d man in our l.a. studio. traveled down by limo from his placial house in santa barbara. that must have cost you some gas money. >> by limo. we are on fox for god's sake. they send half a smart car. i drove myself. >> did you really? >> that cost you a lot of gas though. it's 5 bucks a gallon out here. >> before we get to that. i got you a welcome to l.a. gift. >> that's nice. >> bill: for me? >> don't save the paper. >> i will sign it for you. >> are you mocking me? >> that's my contract. that's not allowed. >> the book is hot. i just thought i would get you
5:40 am
one. >> bill: i know. gas prices going through the roof. and you say? >> well, first off, whenever i think of, you know, the cost of gas, i have to say it's not like my biggest thing. >> bill: but you are a rich guy. >> bill, even when i was broke i remember thinking you take a two ton object move it 30 miles for at that point it was two bucks and now it's four bucks. i have been broke with gas. to me out of all the things we spend on to move a two ton object 30 miles for four bucks i don't know it's not the worst deal you get. that being said if i had to blame anybody, i would blame obviously the environmentalists. it's so silly. look at north dakota and canada. all you have to do is tap. in alaska just sitting up there. we don't do anything with it. >> bill: even if you did, they are going to send it to china now. we are not going to get the benefits of all of that. >> i saw that. that was interesting. >> bill: this torques me off. who owns this country physically? physically, the land? the. >> the indians. >> no. we do.
5:41 am
the indians are incorporated into that. >> i don't know if we were politically correct. >> the people own the land. >> i'm an indian. >> own 12 miles of ocean offshore. that's the u.s. spheer, we own that it's ours. all the 320 million american citizens. the government doesn't own it the oil companies don't own it. so they take the stuff out of our land and they send it to china. does that make sense to you? >> other than saying that on this show though if you want to go out and get in the way of that process, you are going to get shot. >> bill: i'm taking a lot of flack. >> like taxes, you want to be the first guy to say i'm not paying my taxes. >> bill: i will be next to wesley snipes. able to be in the same cell it's tough being in a cell with wesley because he turns into a vampire at night. >> here is my wesley snipes. >> always men on black. ♪ >> nobody saw the movie. >> only 56 people who saw it.
5:42 am
>> all of them were vampires. okay. now, serious subject, whitney houston reported on the net, xanax, valium and booze in her system. the funeral went on for a very long time. you say? >> i was watching the funeral. and i remember thinking, listen, i don't have an axe to grind with whitney houston, she had a pretty voice. i just think i like it for the people who are forgotten and don't get much notice in real life to get the half mass thing. fireman or cop or soldier who really are anonymous most of their life. so then by their death they get honored with something. i just find it a little too easy. i think whitney houston is going to say it was a demonized life. but the last 25, 30 years of her life as far as the prisms of other people's lives are she had a good run at it. to be recognized again, it's not the end of the world to me. fine they can do what they want. we are diluting it a little. why don't we keep it perpetually at half mass if we are going to do that somebody
5:43 am
consequential dies. >> christie did it out of respect for her family and her talent. she did bring joy to people through her voice is and her records. >> i was surprised billie because i know you are big on the antidrug thing and drugs ruined her. >> i went on leno last night and i crushed them i mentioned snoop dogg and willie nelson. i thought the tonight show was going to have a heart attack. >> i wonder about the influence on kids. you are big on that. >> your daughter. >> she gets a state funeral almost. i'm wondering do you think kids are out there going. no i think she is dead and that's the message. the media basically doesn't pound the message home enough the michael jackson thing, the elvis presley thing, now whitney houston. okay, oliver stone's son was on monday night, sean stone, he goes to iran and converts to islam but not really because he says allah and the christian god are the same. i don't quite understand that but that's what he he says. he talks ahmadinejad and all these other gangsters and you
5:44 am
say? >> first off, moss sell to nose zell to have on the conversion -- secondly i don't know who is he praying to now. >> yeah, it's confusing. >> when you hit your knees, kid, ask whoever you are talking to now let your old man -- ask him to make another good film because is he on a real bad streak here. >> bill: here is what confusing. he says a hail mary but he has to point toward mecca. mixed metaphors all over the place. >> how handsome could he be. i remember thinking he should be an actor. he has the square jaw. >> jond this sean penns cozying up to villains. >> michael said keep your enemies closer. he never said we had to spoon these guys. >> bill: bolder fresher shows. we have announcement. they are sold out in your hometown santa barbara. >> in chicago we're doing.
5:45 am
>> bill: i will do all of that going well. i think it's you. >> well, listen, let's celebrate a little. doing a second show in chicago. >> i'm keeping. this dennis miller gave me. this. >> blow on the dealio. >> drive back 5 bucks a gallon. going to cost you 80 bucks. >> did i drive myself. i'm trying to do the factor right. >> bill: excellent. please to announce bolder fresher show in indianapolis at the theater show time june 22nd, 8:00 p.m. tickets go on sale tomorrow 10:00 a.m. because our chicago show sold out fast, miller is insisting we do a seconds one, a matinee june 23rd, 3:00 p.m. tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. go to bill o' we will link tout box office. miller, enough of that i will be in tampa, florida. tickets also available on bill o' very controversial sound bite
5:46 am
by rick santorum about protestant americans. we'll come right back with that
5:47 am
5:48 am
5:49 am
>> back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? we begin with rick santorum, speaking to catholic university in florida back in 2008. as part of his presentation, he annualized how the devil is influencing america. >> the father of lies has his sights on what you would think the father of lies, satan, would have his sights on. a good, decent, powerful, influential country, the united states of america. if you were satan, who would you attack in this day and age? there is no one else to go after. other than the united states. we look at the shape of main line protestantism in this country and it is a shambles. it is gone from the world of
5:50 am
christianity as i see it. >> bill: wow. here now to analyze fox news correspondent juliet huddy. this surfaced on drudge. which has been senator santorum's reaction? >> his reaction was that he said this is a joke. it's absurd. you know, being criticized for that. he said i'm a person of faith. he believes in good and evil. i think i feel like it's backtracking a little. when he made that speech it was to university down in florida and he was speaking in the terms that you would address that type of audience with. he mentions satan. probably now because is he going on a national stage he uses the term good vs. evil or evil to represent satan. but he did say when he was pushed a little bit in phoenix yesterday by reporters he did sort of back off and he said, look, i want to talk about things that are relevant to what's going on right now. i want to talk about things that are important which surprised me because rick santorum's popularity, a lot of it is because of the fact that he is -- >> bill: i think he is smart to do that it's not a campaign
5:51 am
issue. you rightly said it's in context. is he speaking to a catholic place. he was trying to explain some of the things going on in america. he believes are driven by the devil. but he also attacked protestantism that might be a problem for him. >> wildly risky for him to have said that a lot of people like rick santorum because he does speak his mind. might not be popular but he does speak up none the less. a lot of people like that. >> teenage drinking a big problem. washington, d.c. a reporter for the cbs affiliate actually did undercover deal got her in a lot of trouble. let's do a little bit of it? >> for several weeks we watched teenagers buying teenagers without being asked for identification. >> i'm 18 it is very easy. and been buying here for almost like two years. >> in those two years, have
5:52 am
you ever been asked for i.d.? >> like once. >> night after night we interviewed the young buyers using a hidden microphone. >> bill: that reporter is andrea mckaren and she has come under criticism by that report. >> criticism by people you wouldn't expect her to be criticized by. by the parents of these kids. these kids went crazy because they said we have been exposed. have you ruined our buying power. they went on -- >> bill: alcohol buying power. you know what i'm trying to say. back off, william. we went crazy on facebook. they sent her emails. her kids were harassed in school. and it really has become a problem. she actually had to take herself off the air for a week. she is back on the air. her kids left school for a short time. this is a woman who has gone, she has quite a career. she has won edwards r. murrow award. >> some of the parents of the
5:53 am
kids who were buying are mad too. >> she did a second report. basically she went to a house party. they had the cameras at a house party in bethesda, maryland, they found, you know, kids drinking and the parents showed up and they were furious. the cops were there. >> bill: at her. >> they were furious at the news crew. what are you guys doing here. >> bill: pinheads and patriots on deck. president obama singing again. p and p two minutes and change away.
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5:55 am
rd... >> bill: pinheads and patriots starring president obama. but you are taking advantage of the lucrative deals. you buy the mat and that has crisp message and if you buy the jacket which you can wear all spring you get a patriots mug free of charge. now to the mail. joe, minnesota.
5:56 am
>> bill: i'm not sure what that means but there is definitely collusion in the pricing. >> bill: what about theft from the american citizens john? the oil companies are doing it. are they not? we're supposed to sit back and watch the oil to go china? come on. >> bill: bless you jim. bless you. >> bill: yes, i do but not in quasi monopoly situations. >> bill: wrong! as we've been discussing there
5:57 am
is plenty of oil production going on right now and prices are going higher. >> bill: i will take that under advisement. >> bill: i don't believe i'm going to do that bill. i don't believe he would want me to do that. >> bill: i'll try to get back there next fall if i can. finally pinheads and patriots. president obama perhaps his eye on another career, broke into song. ♪ ♪
5:58 am
♪ >> bill: not the blues brothers but the president doing that at blues things at the white house and you can decide whether is pinheaded or patriot. check out our website and spout about the factor anywhere in the world. any time if you wish to opine, do not be meretricious. i want to welcome all our viewers in portugal that are getting us there. i am bill o'reilly. the spin stops right here.
5:59 am
we are definitely looking out for you. >> top of the morning to you. it's thursday, february 23rdrd. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing your day with us. the 20th republican debate, could it be the last one now? even though rick santorum is surging, mitt romney had the crowd from the start. >> as george costanza say when they're applauding, stop. >> santorum didn't shy from his spotlight. the battle in arizona heats up. >> look at that, he's quoting seinfeld. and newt gingrich back in the mix. going after president obama. >> everybody talks about managing the current government. the current government i


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